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Escort-Me-questionBecoming an Escort is no easy task.  Here are a few tips on how to start your career.

A good website for a wealth of info is – they have a treasure chest of useful info and tips, as well as a forum where you’ll be very welcomed and can ask all kinds of questions.

Key attributes for getting into the industry are:

  • Body confidence,
  • being well dressed/well presented,
  • a great personality,
  • bubbly,
  • outgoing,
  • love meeting new people,
  • can hold a conversation
  • be charming and flirty,
  • intelligent,
  • safety conscious and
  • know how to be interested in people.

Many girls start off with an agency – it can be hard to find a reputable one and many ‘scam’ agencies demand large sums of money from you upfront – don’t ever pay them!! These days you might be as well working as an independent escort – and you can do research on this by talking to other escorts online in the various forums, registering for work on websites like Escort Me. It can also be worthwhile placing an advertisement on other websites to increase your reach.

If you are going to be an independent it pays to hire a driver and place an ad. Be prepared to do some research on your rates, its best to start as you mean to go on and don’t try to undercut other escorts or undervalue your services. Try to think of your USP (unique selling point), whatever it is that you might be good at….e.g you are great at offering a GFE (girlfriend experience) – making someone feel special, having dinner and drinks with them like a real ‘date’. If your prices are relatively high you may not get as many bookings as cheaper escorts but you will received generally higher class bookings. Remember, being an independent means you can choose who you want to see, and if you have a bad gut feeling about ANYONE who contacts you just don’t follow it up. It’s usually easy to spot a creep!

Also, beware of time wasters – there is a section on about this!

Good luck, and hope you enjoy your experiences 🙂

Source: Yahoo Answers

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